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Rose Clover Farm offers full boarding packages which include individual stalls, daily turnout, access to our indoor and outdoor arenas, and a personal area in our enclosed tack room.


Rose Clover Farm offers lessons though One of our qualified trainers, using the EMES (Equine Mastery Education System) certified training program. Lessons are available and appropriate for beginner riders, up through advanced riders, and those looking to compete. Lessons are adjusted to meet the needs of each horse and rider, and always stress the importance of strong fundamentals and safety. Lessons concentrate mainly on hunt seat.


Rose Clover Farm Boarding, Lessons, and Professional Training


Full Board with Daily Turn Out $850.00 / month:

  • Full Board with Riding Package 1 (lesson and/or professional ride 1 time per week) $850.00/ month

  • Full Board with Riding Package 2 (combined lessons and/or professional rides 2 times per week) $1,067.00/ month

  • Full Board with Riding Package 3 (combined lessons and/or professional rides 3 times per week) $1500.00/ month

  • Full Board with Full Riding Package 5 (combined lessons and/or professional rides 5 times per week) $1934.00/ month

Individual Lessons or Professional Training Rides:


Personally owned or leased horse / pony:

Lessons $50.00 per class

Professional Training Rides $50.00 per ride


Rose Clover Farm Lesson Pony:

Private Lessons $70.00 per class*
Semi-private Lessons $60.00 per class


*All new students are required to begin with private lessons until approved for semi-private lesson by a Rose Clover Farm trainer.


Monthly Lesson Packages (Non-boarding Students):

Private Lessons

  • 1 Lesson per week $304.00/ month

  • 2 Lessons per week $607.00/ month

  • 3 Lessons per week $910.00/ month


Semi-Private Lessons

  • 1 Lesson per week $260.00/ month

  • 2 Lessons per week $520.00/ month

  • 3 Lessons per week $780.00/ month


*Rose Clover Farm reserves the right to adjust rates with a 30-day written notice to allow for fluctuation in costs of horse supplies including, but not limited to, quality hay, grain, and bedding. Rose Clover Farm is committed to the partnership between our barn families and our farm, and guarantees that there will be no increase in costs to our contracted families without a written 30 day notice prior to any changes.


Rose Clover Farm is an active participant in both schooling and A show circuits in Tennessee and other states. While our specific show schedule is still being determined, possible venues include:

  • Brownland Farms, Franklin, TN

  • Harlinsdale Park, Franklin, TN

  • Lakeside Arena, Frankfort, KY

  • World Equestrian Center, Wilmington, OH

  • World Equestrian Center, Ocala, FL

  • Tryon International Equestrian Center, Mill Spring, NC

  • Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY


Show Fees are TBD based on number of days and location of each show.

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