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Tara is a lifetime horse lover. Working as an equine professional beginning in Rhode Island in 2006, Tara is experienced in riding instruction, horse training, horse care, and barn management. Tara specializes in teaching hunters and dressage. She is knowledgeable with OTTB, Warmbloods, green and young horses. She is very familiar with rated horse shows, having been involved at all levels from participant, to groom, to assisting with set up, courses, trails and obstacles. Tara is also experienced in show standard grooming requirements and getting horses show fit with riding, treadmill and multiple types of therapy options. Tara’s involvement with horses spanned her time from 2004-2020 while she also worked full time as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She is well versed at balancing professional demands with patience and fun! Tara is very organized and a model of grace under pressure. She knows what is necessary to have a busy professional performance and show barn, and she is excited to add her skills to our Rose Clover Farm Family. 


Fun Facts:

*Tara brings a lot of experience to Rose Clover coming most recently from Leslie Law Eventing in Ocala, FL--Leslie Law, Individual Gold Medal Olympian in Eventing, and Deeridge Farm in Wellington, FL, home of the Palm Beach Masters Horse Show Series.

*Tara’s passion for horses caused her to change career paths returning to working with horses full time.

*Tara has a cat named Prince.



Garrett brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to Rose Clover Farm. Garrett grew up around Clarksville and lived in Middle Tennessee until he joined the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the military, Garrett moved back to Clarksville. Working on a farm had always been a dream of his. Thanks to Rose Clover, he has had the chance to learn so much about horses and barn life!

Fun Facts:

  • Garrett’s favorite horse is Forrest.

  • Garrett hates tomatoes.

  • Garrett would rather be golfing or working rather than sitting around at home.

  • Garrett knows exactly how strong the electric fences on the property are.



Shelby brings her lifelong love for horses to the Rose Clover Farm. In fact, when she was just a small girl starting out in lessons, she once confessed to her mother that riding was not even her favorite part of her weekly lessons, it was walking the horse back to the barn. Growing up she kept up with that same appreciation for all things equine related and did all that she could to spend more time at the barn. Along with her love for horses, Shelby brings with her twenty years of riding experience in both hunters and jumpers. She is also joined by her horse Mitch, a retired racehorse turned jumper who has been by her side for ten years.


Fun Facts:


*Shelby shares two dogs with her boyfriend, a Great Dane mix named Mercutio and a Great Dane named Talon.

*Shelby’s favorite place on Earth is Chincoteague, VA (for obvious reasons).

*Shelby originally hails from Pennsylvania.

*Shelby’s favorite Pixar short is Boundin’.

*Shelby is most likely Jim Henson’s biggest hype man.

*Shelby was once stranded in Japan.

*Shelby’s favorite food is zucchini.



Since the age of thirteen, Laney’s life has completely revolved around horses. She has ridden both English and Western, and has spent many years volunteering and helping Girl Scout troops at Sycamore Hills, as well as spending many years assisting in therapeutic riding lessons at Colby’s Army. Laney also worked with Ponies and Pals, which required assistance in bringing horses to fun events and birthday parties! Despite the many years of volunteering and working with horses, it wasn’t until three years ago Laney bought her very own horse, Payday, who now lives at Rove Clover Farm! Laney is currently attending Austin Peay University and is working to get her bachelor’s degree in pre-veterinary medicine. After reaching her goal, Laney will continue to show her love for horses through medical care.

Fun Facts:

*Laney loves to read, especially science fiction.

*Laney’s favorite TV show is Doctor Who!

*Laney has a hedgehog named Rosey.

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